Let's build the foundation for your new brand!

What is Brand Strategy and why do it?

The Brand Strategy Workshop is an interactive exercise built to help you: 

  • get a clear view of your current business and uncover the paths to reach your goals.
  • align your business with the user’s pain points, needs and beliefs;
  • refine what you say and how you talk with your customers;
  • turn your business goals into actionable creative solutions;
  • discover what assets will help your business move forward and prioritize them;


You wouldn’t build a house without proper plans, would you? As Doctors do all the necessary test before providing a diagnostic and Lawyers dig deep into a case before going into the courtroom, so should every entrepreneur do with their business. Creating a true brand requires information, context and direction.

What do I need to prepare?

You’ll need a stable internet connection and a laptop or a computer with webcam and microphone. This means no phones and tablets – you’ll need the screen real estate to best see all the exercises. 

Who needs to join the workshop?

It’s important to have all the decision makers of your company together at the workshop.  Any other stakeholders? Creatives, marketers – bring them too! If you’re a solopreneur it’s totally cool as well. 

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