Are you an impatient and motivated entrepreneur?
Welcome to our tribe!

No more waiting months to get your branding done the classic way. 

We understand that you need to launch your business now, not next year.


INTENSIVE Brand Strategy Workshop

Because your brand should be based on facts and strategy, not on purely aesthetic decisions.

To reach your business goals we must first identify your goals, what makes your customers tick, and align your business with their pains and needs. Be it for your entire business or a particular project, the strategy workshop will bring clarity and align all the stakeholders, setting it up for success from the very start. It’s the foundational step to becoming a loved brand! 

What we’ll define: Brand DNA (purpose, vision, mission, core values), Positioning Strategy, Current & Ideal Customers, Brand Personality (voice, look & feel), Core Messaging Framework, Action plan & Priorities.

Results: at the end you’ll receive a document containing all the insights we have uncovered, your brand strategy and a highly actionable roadmap to to help you steer and grow your business in the long run.




20-day sprint

The royal treatment, this is perfect for business owners playing in the professional league. It’s a full (re)brand with all the bells and whistles and ongoing support.

What’s extra, you ask? First of all, you will receive an Extended Brand Strategy Workshop. We can’t build an empire in 20 days, but you’ll get our brains on overdrive – this package is perfect to solve the biggest problems of your business. You’ll also get review & re-align workshops at 3 and 6 months from the launch, to make sure you’re on the right track to success.



10-day sprint

The 10-day sprint is perfect for entrepreneurs who need more than the basics.

Here’s a scenario: on top of all the goodies of the 4-day sprint we can also build a website built to strike at the hearts of your customers. The extra time and budget simply allow us to create better solutions for your business.



4-day sprint

This package is perfect for business owners with smaller budgets but who understand the importance of efficient communication with their clients.

For example, we can work on your brand identity system, help you craft and refine your messaging and copy and use all that to create a few valuable brand touchpoints to help you spread the word.



Ready to transform your business into a loved brand?

We could ask for your money here and now, but we first want to make sure we can really bring value to your business. Please schedule a consultation call below, or email us at to make sure we’re a good fit.


How do I know what package to choose?

Get in touch with us and we’ll gladly help you choose a package to suit you and your business.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my package? 

You can always do both before we schedule the project. Once we get started you’ll only be able to upgrade.

Are you available for bespoke on-going work?

Of course, but only for our clients who have already invested in one of our packages. We love to support our clients and help them continuously improve and grow their business. Just let us know what you need.

I’ve never worked with a Design Studio before. How does this work?

Fear not, our system is designed to be stress free and we’ll be next to you every step of the way. Before we begin we’ll walk you through the entire process.

How many revisions do I get?

Each asset (logo, website, collateral) has 2 rounds of revisions included to ensure that you’re confident with the final product. Additional revision rounds beyond that are billed at an hourly rate.

What is a revision round?

A revision round is a single list of constructive feedback/changes. We strongly advise our clients to analyze the assets carefully and send all their edits in bulk. Considering the tight deadlines we’re working with, the edits you send are processed pretty quickly. Once that done, any additional changes are considered a new revision round.

How do we communicate throughout the project?

We’ll exchange all relevant contact information (email, phone number, skype id etc.) before the project starts. Our main communication channel will be email and our collaboration platform. On the platform you’ll find all the information, files, feedback and chats without fear of misplacing files.

How do I receive my files?

Your files will be available through our collaboration platform. If they get misplaced, we always archive and backup all our projects.

What files are included?

We’ll provide you with all the popular file formats depending on your specific package selection. We’ll make sure you get all the files needed for the intended use (print and/or digital).

Are the files editable?

We don’t release the working files by default as it usually involves multiple licensing issues for the individual elements used. Should you need such a file we’ll do our best to find a solution to provide it to you. 

Who orders my print collateral?

You are responsible for ordering and printing any collateral items (business card, stationary etc.). We’ll make sure you receive print-ready files for every item. 

What do I need to have ready before the project starts?

It really depends on the final assets list. Don’t worry, we’ll help by giving you a checklist with all the necessary information we require before we start working.


How do I pay for my package?

The Brand Strategy Workshop must be paid in full in order to secure the appointment.

The Package needs a 50% upfront payment and the other 50% at the end of the project, before we release the final files

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