Changing the way people
buy and sell properties

Brand Strategy / UX / UI / Web Design /
Marketing collateral


Distill a complex system and present it in a digestible way.

RealtyHive needed a new website that was on par with their disruptive service. There is a lot of information they need to convey and easily explain what their services are and how they work. There’s also a complex user dashboard with a data, charts, learning center and lots more.


40-something unique layouts, both front-end and user dashboard, with a highly improved user experience and on-brand feel & look. A huge website redesigned and refined in one month only.

Accompanying the website we also created full truckload of marketing materials (pitch decks, flyers, roll-ups, infographics, display ads, you name it).


What does this mean for RealtyHive?


bounce rate

5.53% vs 77.89%


page views

166,414 vs 15,543



59,653 vs 7,649

... ultimately, more happy (paying) clients.

*and growing, these are 2019 vs 2018 stats.

Make it easy for the user to find info and understand the system -
whether they want to buy, sell, or are agents.

Advanced search & results system for the buyers

Detailed property information

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