Why Crop?

Because we drop the fancy talk and focus on the essentials.
Because we’re not all-knowing, but all-learning.
Because we’re not guru artists, but we get in the business trenches, next to you.

Ultimately, we offer predictable strategic branding without the BS.
Instead of trying to extend the scope of the project to make you pay as much as possible, we accommodate the most value possible into a fixed price package. We put strategy before aesthetics and we’re the advocates of your customers.

Who is Crop?

We’re a family of consultants, designers, geeks, and storytellers focused on solving problems. We believe in small businesses and courageous entrepreneurs. We love what we do at Crop Studio and our biggest joy is seeing business owners succeed in this crazy world.

We are a small business, just like you. We understand your pains and struggles.

Although our collaborators are spread around the world, we’re based in Romania, Europe. We have Dracula, the 5th fastest internet in the world, and stunning nature & landscapes.

Here are the core brand warriors behind the Crop logo:




Brand strategist, designer and founder of Crop Studio, does most of the heavy-lifting around here. When not strategizing and designing from his desk (or swinging in a hammock), Dragos’ out chasing wildlife or climbing mountains.




Master of order and chaos, queen of content creation. Alexandra is in charge of keeping the sanity in the studio, keeping in touch with you, and making sure you’re up to date with the latest news which impact small businesses.

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